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Only part of my previous sharing was posted: 

However, I never looked at the underlying issues that had been the reasons for my drinking. And so, even though I had not had a drink in over two years, I was able to still destroy my life. I had an affair. It was not intentional. I was not looking for it. But I did allow it to happen. I have destroyed my marriage. My wife hates me. My son hates me. I have lost the love and respect of the woman that I was having the affair with. I am alone.


I was given the gift of abstinence. I say a "gift" because it came about because I was scared. I thought I was dying; literally. I thought I had serious liver damage. I mean, I drank for 30 years. So I stopped. But it turned out to be diverticulitis. Still serious, but not life threatening. 


Hello. I'm new on this site. I just wanted to say hey to everyone and anyone. I'm in my early 30s and I live in MN. I'm not new to AA but I've only been sober for almost 5 months. I feel different this time though. I have a sponsor.

For now, my higher power is all life's connection, the universe, Love, and Xena: Warrior Princess. I'm close to being an athiest, but not quite. The higher power thing is something to work out.

I'm feeling positive today because I feel so much freer when I'm hangover-free:)




hi my nameis jemma and im an alcholic.

i am currently 7 days away from being 2years clean and sober.

i work an aa programme and imlucky my sponsor lets me include other addictions.

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10 ways my life has become unmanageable due to drugs and alcohol

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Custom question

1. I couldn't take care of my kids
2. I couldn't pay my bills
3. I couldn't keep a job
4. I couldn't feed myself
5. I couldn't stop doing drugs or drinking alcohol
6. I couldn't stop making drugs

Step One

Hi there,


Im G and I'm an alcoholic. Im ten weeks sober and trying to begin to work the steps. I've been in AA for 7 months and have always rushed into choosing a sponsor. I don't want to make the same mistake this time. So I want to start on my own. Does anyone have any advice on how I can do this without a sponsor for a while?





My name is Jody and I have 15months sober.



My name is Jody and I have 15months sober.

1st Posting to the Public Group

Hi everyone, my name is Wendy and I am an Alcoholic.  At this moment I have 175 days sober.


A sober life is truly amazing.

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My addiction

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Custom question

#1)I am powerless over people, places and things. 

1) people: anyone but me, and what I do.

2) places: I have no power over places...

3) things: like my addiction to meth and Oxycottin.

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Step One

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Custom question

What does Step One mean to me today where I'm at?

My name is ilsa, and I am an alcoholic and addict.

This is my first time checking this site out. I am writing about step 12, because I am beginning to work with others on a temporary basis. I have worked the steps with my sponsor and have had a spiritual awakening! I am so grateful for a chance to help others, but I am finding it difficult to keep them on topic. Our program here is very solution-focused and I want to help them learn, but sometimes they only want to go on about their horrible day! I pray for patience sometimes, but I see my higher power has a sense of humor, because lord, do they make me call on my patience!

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The Return of the Unmanageability

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What does unmanageability mean to me?

Unmanageability to me means that there are multiple areas of my life that are out of balance and many others excessive and disturbing to my life and work.

Appreciation to twelvestepjournaling

this site is a great idea. I love it. I am still testing and finding my way arround it. thanks for this site. Thanks, Alcoholic Anonymous

2013-03-11 19:02:45 -0700

well here goes nothing. one month ago i moved 350 miles to start a new life. this guy we will call him mark asked me to move in with him and i said yes. i quit my full time fob after 3 years gave up my aparment i had this for 5 years. Mark owes me 1,500 dollars. he is also in recovery 5 years. and is 11 years younger han me. maybe this brothers him i dont know. it seam latley the only time he talks to me is when he wants something. and not sex. because we have not had sex with each other. so i guess im just very confused of what his intentios are.