The Return of the Unmanageability

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What does unmanageability mean to me?

Unmanageability to me means that there are multiple areas of my life that are out of balance and many others excessive and disturbing to my life and work. Becoming a hermit to avoid having to answer the inain questions from immature people that have no clue the devistation of the party cause you can mentality. As if drinking and using are going to make anything more fun or easier to handle.

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For some, becoming a hermit maybe an answer but not for me nor drinking is ever an answer to any of my issues. When I am unmanageable, i know that I am not using my higher power as much as I should. I may need to let go of something that I have no control over. I may need to go back to basics and do onething at a time and let go of what I cann't handle at this moment. I have been using the Serenity Worksheet and it is an awesome tool. I put things that I don't have control over on my higher power's side while I focus on whatever on my side, one day at a time. Alcoholism is a cunning, baffaling disease. It comes back if not with alcohol then it will try coming back with other obsessions. When I am obsessed with something, I let go of other priorities which always causes unmanageability in my life. I've learned through my years of recovery to focus on my basics, meeting attendance, service and the 12 steps.

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Unmanagability means to me that I am trying to take control again instead of letting my Higher Power drive the train.  I want to be in control and I have no business even trying to do that.  When I let go, I find that my life becomes more managable and I can function better in the world.  When I give everything over to my Higher Power and just do what is mine to be done, I find that my life becomes so much more calm and peace-filled. 

Am I able to do this on a daily basis?  Most times, but there are times where I go an hour or two and act like a complete idiot and try to take back the control of the world, which isn't what I am here for in the first place.  As long as I apply the Steps to my life, allow my Higher Power to take over and do what I cannot do and then do my own footwork, I am a pretty happy person.  It takes time to get to this point and I have learned that I only do it a day at a time.