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Now you can purchase one Private Group. For more information, click here

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Keep Writing

Here are some ways that regularly writing in your Personal Diary Book helps you:

Journaling will expedite your recovery process. You can use our 12 step worksheets and answer step questions. You can do that in your Private Groups or in your Public Groups.

Journaling has been proved to be a major stress reduction tool.

Journaling enhances your understanding of yourself, your intentions and provides a safe place to explore.

The 12 Steps - Step Two

We just implemented Step two in your private and public groups. You can start working step two along with step one from the book The 12 Steps Working Guide.

You can replace the word "addiction" with any topic you are working on such as alcohol, drugs, people, relationships, food, etc.

We are still testing "Step Two". Please contact admin if you find any issues.

Thank You, TSJ Team


The Revolution of Online Journaling

At TSJ, online journaling includes not only helpful and convenient recovery tools that have been created by Twelve-Step members, but also the ability to add other members to a shared online Diary Book. Once a Diary Book member has added a new entry to the Diary Book, all of that Diary Book's members will receive an instant email notification. They will then be able to easily navigate through the secure private diary entries by Diary Book title, category, date, username, step number, and more.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Self Love

As addicts, alcoholics, and codependents we are well-practiced at self-abuse, self-neglect, self-destruction and self-hatred. As part of our desires today to find a new way to live, self-love is a very important aspect of that journey. On this day dedicated to love, how can you intentionally practice loving yourself?


Some ideas:

Write yourself a Valentine's Day message or poem.

Are you utilizing our online recovery tools?

Are you utilizing our online recovery tools? Are you taking advantage of our private diary books? Are you working with others privately? Are you working a daily 10th step, using the serenity worksheet, gratitude list, or sharing publicly?

We are always here to enourage on your path of recovery.

If you have any qestions or suggestions, please feel free to reply to this email address.

Thank you for being a valued member of TwelveStepJournaling.com

We are here to support

Dear Member,

We want to wish you a great New Year.

We also would like to remind you that we are here to asnswer your questions. Just reply to this email and ask any question related to our service at Twelve Step Journaling.

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