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hi my nameis jemma and im an alcholic.

i am currently 7 days away from being 2years clean and sober.

i work an aa programme and imlucky my sponsor lets me include other addictions.

so here i am ,i assumed id stop drimking n using and everything would go back to normal , reality what the fuck wa normal,my daughter is 15 at the end of this mnth and this isthe only time she seen me sober,she doesnt think i deserve praise because ive ruined her life ,her dad has had full custody all her life and they live in a rural area and has no friends around her ,shes a vey anxious angry girl and i competley undersand why ,there is so many underlying issues,that i may have toaccepr that actuall ive lost her ...

one day at a time

and just for today i wont pck up..

on a personal selfish level ive come a long way ,ive moved towns and found the rooms and it is the only thing that has worked,i do service ,im sectary at one meeting,i help in anyway ,im a grateful person because if  had stayed in that realm of sickness i wouldnt be typing this,i may not hve eveything i want but right now i have what i need ,ive worked hard and i have faith in my hp to do the right thing,

thankyou for letting me share.

much love xx

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