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I am in recovery, been clean and sober for 18 months! Was addicted to pretty much everything. I am here to discuss the solution to alcoholism (&addiction) because the war stories have no place in my life today. I use my past only as a tool to help others understand that we are not unique in our addictions. I have one daughter and am trying to get my feet on the ground after 25 years of insanity.

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My name is ilsa, and I am an alcoholic and addict.

This is my first time checking this site out. I am writing about step 12, because I am beginning to work with others on a temporary basis. I have worked the steps with my sponsor and have had a spiritual awakening! I am so grateful for a chance to help others, but I am finding it difficult to keep them on topic. Our program here is very solution-focused and I want to help them learn, but sometimes they only want to go on about their horrible day! I pray for patience sometimes, but I see my higher power has a sense of humor, because lord, do they make me call on my patience!

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Program: Alcoholics Anonymous
Recovery Date: 1/9/12
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