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Hello. I'm new on this site. I just wanted to say hey to everyone and anyone. I'm in my early 30s and I live in MN. I'm not new to AA but I've only been sober for almost 5 months. I feel different this time though. I have a sponsor.

For now, my higher power is all life's connection, the universe, Love, and Xena: Warrior Princess. I'm close to being an athiest, but not quite. The higher power thing is something to work out.

I'm feeling positive today because I feel so much freer when I'm hangover-free:)



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things i like: sci fi, nature, aminals, travelling, sociology, art, hip hop, alt music, indie pop, sriracha, people. things i don't like: disco, stress, repetitive days, hatred, violence, sadness, addiction, speaking with my ego, too much sauce, too much spicy, people. I grew up watching Star Trek. I have done some things and drank some beverages that I'm not proud of. I can be quite charming and I like laughing. Please be funny AT ALL TIMES. FOR ME. I dunno. I live in Minnesota (in the U.S.). I believe in sober dancing... Nice to meet you.


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Welcome - One Day at a Time is all you need to focus on and not taking that first drink.  Meetings, phone numbers and sponsor.  Get your list of phone numbers and when you first THINK of taking that drink, make as many calls as you need until you reach someone.  I primarily use this site for journaling.  Best wishes as you trudge this road to happy destiny (walk with purpose) :)