10 ways my life has become unmanageable due to drugs and alcohol

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1. I couldn't take care of my kids
2. I couldn't pay my bills
3. I couldn't keep a job
4. I couldn't feed myself
5. I couldn't stop doing drugs or drinking alcohol
6. I couldn't stop making drugs
7. I couldn't stay out of jail and prison
8. I couldn't keep a roof over my head
9. I couldn't keep a car
10. I couldn't get away from my baby's Daddy

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hey Licimariequintas, can I get in on your post?

1;   I was dishonest to my family for the drugs.

2;   I stole from my family for the drugs.

3;  I made decisions that I was powerless over.

4;  My relationship w/ my boyfriend is damaged now.

5;  I lost my parental rights to my first child.

6;  Because of my drug use I haven’t seen my first child for 2 yrs now.

7;  I am on the verge of losing my second child.

8;   I lost very valuable things of mine because of the drugs.

9;  I am still watching my beauty vanish.’

10; I’ve neglected the well-being of my best friend’s health because of the drugs.

this list can go on for another 40 more. There is so much more. The worst part is having no control over my life. I simply can’t make the proper decisions and have let the drugs rule over my life and every aspect that I have. I cannot do anything for myself or my family without the drug controlling my every choice. I’ve gotten to be so careless and disruptive towards myself and everyone else whom I very much love. I need real help taking back control of my life. Because I have a real problem that is not easily wished away.i need help taking back what is rightfully mine for the sake of me and the sake of my children/family. And mainly and mostly because I want to be a good mom. Not a half ass mom. I’m tired of feeling utterly sad and despicable. I want both my kids in my life and not just one. 

Thank you Licimariequintas for letting me share in ur post.!

It only gets worse before it gets better

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Your story touched a nerve. I too have lost so much because of my using. I was a liar. I was a cheat. I was nacissistic. I still am all of these, but am trying not to be.

I lost my marriage. I lost the respect and love of my son. I am alone. I wish I could say that all will be well; for the both of us. I pray to God that it will be. I know that I have to make the changes to ensure the outcome that will put me right with the world and myself. I pray every day. I do the 12 Step Work that I'm direcetd to do. I try to stay in the fellowship.

We both need to stay strong and try to keep moving forward. God bless us both.

Terry Dallam