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Would you want your higher power to answer a question?

Would you like your Higher Power to answer a question, give you an insight or a hint?

The Serenity Worksheet

The Serenity Worksheet helps us to delegate our intentions and list of things to-do into two main columns: “My Side” and “Higher Power’s Side”.

To make entries in this worksheet, you will need to think of something for which you have control or responsibility towards, and something you don’t. You will put the things over which you have control on the left column titled “My Side” and you will put the things you don’t have control over in the right column “Higher Power’s Side”. Turning things over to our Higher Power gives us a sense of relief since we don’t have to deal with these things anymore or at least, we don’t have to deal with this particular issue today.

The Gratitude List is an important tool of recovery

The Gratitude List is an important tool of recovery.

A gratitude list is not just another chore to put on your list of things to do and once it is done you scratch it off. A gratitude list is a practice to feel good after looking at the half-full part of the cup. The most important part of this practice is the feeling itself. When I write in my gratitude list, I do not focus on editing what I am writing or even communicating my writing to others. The only focus here is how I feel and how to change my feelings into better feelings. If I was able to get myself into a feeling of love, appreciation, gratitude, or even hope or content then I have reached my goal.