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Hi everyone, my name is Wendy and I am an Alcoholic.  At this moment I have 175 days sober.

I guess I should start with a little background info.  In October 2013, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cirrhosis of the Liver (Alcoholc Liver Disease or ADL), Portal Hypertension (high blood pressure in my portal vein), esophogeal varices (vericose veins in my esophagus) and a few other related medical conditions. I also have HE (Hepatic Encephalothapy), for those of you who don't know what HE is an altered mental status caused by toxins, such as amonia, that the liver cannot process. If not treatef can cause brain damage, It can be as mild as forgetting where you left your keys and as severe as slipping into a coma. I have mild HE that my meds are helping alot.  I am telling you this so my posts may make a little more sense to those who don't know much about Liver Disease. I am going to need a transplant someday in the future.  By the Grace of my Higher Power, my disease is progressing slowly, there is no 12 step program for it, but is similar to AA.  There are steps that only I can take to manage it.(taking my meds, follow my dietary restrictions (2000mg sodium a day and 1500ml fluid restriction and of course no alcohol).

I have a sponsor.  I am working on my steps, I am kind of moving at a snails pace when it comes to my step work.  At some point in my life I think I been to almost every "A" group. AA.. NA... CODA..OA... Well, obviously I missed somethings that probably very important, that I don't and can't miss this time because there won't be any "next time" Relapse+Liver failure=Death.  At 43yrs old, I am not ready to die.

I look forward to sharing more and getting to know this site better.  I need to go and get some sleep.  I would love to talk to people that may have similar medical issues and have learned how, or are working to manage both diseases.  

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My name is Anthony and I am a Grateful recovering alcoholic.  I to suffer from a liver disease as well as cataracts and glaucoma at the same time.  I have been clean and sober for 26 years 1 month and 13 days.  I will keep you in my prayers because it is appropriate for me at this time to keep you in my prayers.  Prayers go up and blessings come down from heaven.

Anthony Joseph Hopkins