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Hi there,


Im G and I'm an alcoholic. Im ten weeks sober and trying to begin to work the steps. I've been in AA for 7 months and have always rushed into choosing a sponsor. I don't want to make the same mistake this time. So I want to start on my own. Does anyone have any advice on how I can do this without a sponsor for a while?



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29 year old recovering alcoholic trying to rebuild my life after tearing it down.


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If you're wanting to do this without a sponsor. Then U really need to work the steps as U understand them. It's really important to have a sponsor because it gives U somebody who can explain to U the importance of the steps & how they work. Another thing that U can do is read the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous. At least read the 1st 164 pages & if U still don't feel like U need or want a sponsor then you really need 2 do the steps & go to meetings. Good Luck On Ur Journey May It be A Successful One.
I've also got a group on Facebook called (Recovery Sponsorship) if U'd like I can add U to it. Take Care & Bless U

Joni Stach