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On the verge again


          I never thought i would have to be nice to anyone on the way up....because i was never planning on coming back down. Having been knocked down and climbed back 3 times now it gets harder each time...I appears that i have 4th opportunity to more with my life...first i know longer consider it a climb up....its simply moving on...second no on can take it away from but myself.


P.S   Gratitude!

Courage to Change - August 8

In Step Six I contemplate my life undergoing change-tremendous change. The great fear is this: If I shed many characteristics that stand in my way, what will be left? It is as though I face a great void, a terrifying unknown. Yet when I acknowledge how far I have come, I can see how much I want to change. The desire to grow and to heal has brought me to this uncomfortable point, because I am tried of the way I have been. My Higher Power is there to guide me when I am ready.

The Importance of Al-Anon for Family Members

The Importance of Al-Anon for Family Members

By Vicki Nash

I am a grateful recovering alcoholic, as well as a grateful recovering survivor of a couple of dysfunctional family systems. I have been on every side of this disease, beginning as the daughter of an alcoholic, the wife of an alcoholic (big surprise), my own alcoholism, and the mother of an alcoholic. Yes, this is indeed a disastrous family disease that destroys wonderful, loving people in the process.