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I was given the gift of physical sobriety almost three years ago. However, my life is still chaotic. I continue to cause pain and suffering for myself and others. I have no spiritual grounding. I just started working the steps and now have a sponser.

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Only part of my previous sharing was posted: 

However, I never looked at the underlying issues that had been the reasons for my drinking. And so, even though I had not had a drink in over two years, I was able to still destroy my life. I had an affair. It was not intentional. I was not looking for it. But I did allow it to happen. I have destroyed my marriage. My wife hates me. My son hates me. I have lost the love and respect of the woman that I was having the affair with. I am alone.


I was given the gift of abstinence. I say a "gift" because it came about because I was scared. I thought I was dying; literally. I thought I had serious liver damage. I mean, I drank for 30 years. So I stopped. But it turned out to be diverticulitis. Still serious, but not life threatening. 

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Program: Alcoholics Anonymous
Recovery Date: 3/26/19
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