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Drug and alcohol addiction

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The disease of addiction
What does "the disease of addiction" mean to me?
  • Thinking thoughts I do not want to think
  • Doing things I do not want to do that lead to self degradation and unhealthy and purposeless life.

Adult Children of Alcoholics - The First Step

Adult children of alcoholics are people who have grown up in a family affected by one or two parents that were addicted to or chronically abused alcohol. People from these backgrounds become adults who live dysfunctional lives. This article deals with the first step as used by the organisation called 'al-anon' which is a society that teaches people how to recover from the effects of living with one or two parents addicted to alcohol.

Adult Children of Alcoholics: How We Help Save The World

So often we ACoA get caught up in feeling all the feelings of the past, that we sometimes get stuck in what once was. In fact, sometimes we get so caught up in how we used to feel, we forget that we aren't powerless anymore. As a recovering ACoA I have learned to embrace my past as a gift. Because I am an ACoA I was forced to look within for answers, and as a result I found the greatest blessings ever. I found--ME.

Adult Children of Alcoholics - How To Be Happy

Adult Children of Alcoholics - How To Be Happy

By Lisa A. Romano

When you are the adult child of an alcoholic or the product of being raised by one, you can't quite put your finger on what's wrong. All you know is you feel ill, inappropriate; like a misfit.

As we age, our ego has never learned to trust this place we call home, and so--ego grows.

2013-03-11 19:02:45 -0700

well here goes nothing. one month ago i moved 350 miles to start a new life. this guy we will call him mark asked me to move in with him and i said yes. i quit my full time fob after 3 years gave up my aparment i had this for 5 years. Mark owes me 1,500 dollars. he is also in recovery 5 years. and is 11 years younger han me. maybe this brothers him i dont know. it seam latley the only time he talks to me is when he wants something. and not sex. because we have not had sex with each other. so i guess im just very confused of what his intentios are.

Getting Involved in Service: Good for Me and We


starting 12 step program

having trouble getting the computer program working just checking to see if I works for me

starting this journey

I am starting this journey of recovery and really need and want feedback.  I am seeing a councelor for the last 5 months.  Iʻve slipped up 2 times since.  

My entire family knows, including my 3 children.  Itʻs painful and scary.  My councelor keeps telling me that I am moving forward but that i need to surrender to my addiction instead of trying to beat it....iʻm not sure how to surrender and what that really means?  I admit i have a problem and i want to get better.  

What does it mean to surrender to my addiction?

My Life - Day to Day

This is  where I will post my  activities, what i am doing to lose weight and food avoidances

Asking for help in Twelve-step program

Once you start attending Narcotics Anonymous 12 step meeting the next thing you probably want to do is start working the 12 steps. It is not recommended that you do this alone, because this is a "we" program: we can't do it alone. Keep your ear out for someone sharing in your meetings that you can identify with, and like their message. Ask this person to be your sponsor. If they can't, don't take it personally ("It's not all about you") and just keep trying. The right person will be there at the right time. A sponsor will ask you to follow their suggestions.

weight gain...still

so here i am, 6 and half years clean and i am battling my weight...again. having once ballooned up to 314, then gotten down to 233, now, after injury and baumgartner type dive off the healthy food wagon i am at 299. i have to find my way again, out of the obsession of eating. it is "using" in a different sort of way- the drugs are gone but the need to fill a craving remains.