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Asking for help in Twelve-step program

Once you start attending Narcotics Anonymous 12 step meeting the next thing you probably want to do is start working the 12 steps. It is not recommended that you do this alone, because this is a "we" program: we can't do it alone. Keep your ear out for someone sharing in your meetings that you can identify with, and like their message. Ask this person to be your sponsor. If they can't, don't take it personally ("It's not all about you") and just keep trying. The right person will be there at the right time. A sponsor will ask you to follow their suggestions. Try not to think too hard about stuff in the beginning, because your best thinking got you where you are now: give someone else's experience, strength and hope a try for a change. When you begin to work with your sponsor on the 12 steps, most likely they will ask you to work them using a 12 step guide or 12 step worksheets. You can do this work traditionally (on paper in a notebook) or on it's up to you. Just get going: the serenity the twelve steps and twelve traditions can bring to our lives and to the lives around us is immeasurable and well worth it.

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