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Adult Children of Alcoholics - How To Be Happy

Adult Children of Alcoholics - How To Be Happy

By Lisa A. Romano

When you are the adult child of an alcoholic or the product of being raised by one, you can't quite put your finger on what's wrong. All you know is you feel ill, inappropriate; like a misfit.

As we age, our ego has never learned to trust this place we call home, and so--ego grows.

As adults, we have learned to believe that it is necessary to protect self, and so--we cling--we defend--we whine--we project--we protest--play the martyr--over compensate--play the victim--and pretend we do not have a choice as to what kind of life experience we wish to create.

Some of us die before we learn to trust in loving self. We die miserable, depressed, riddled with disease, and believe life was unfair.

The most unfortunate dynamic of such a death is not the death. For such a death is a welcomed event; a chance to be reborn anew and free. The ultimate tragedy is that the being never learned to understand that the universe does not play favorites. This is a magnetic place--believe it or not--and the universe responds first, foremost and only--to what we offer it emotionally. Thoughts create things... because thoughts are tied to emotions--which carry either negative or positive charges to them.

We adult children need to be aware. While acknowledging ones own wounds is crucial to healing the past--it is necessary to learn to embrace letting go of the old. If we do not learn to change what we think about--and what we feel--we cannot change the course of our life. We will continue to draw to us unwanted things, and people who are very much alike the personalities of our past.

On May 11th, 2013 this adult child married the man of her innocent, seven year old, child's heart. And even though the skies were torrential, not for a moment did a smile leave my face.

A few years ago I began taking the physics of the universe a lot more seriously. The law of attraction is as simple and as concrete as the law of inertia. There is no hocus pocus type stuff type here folks. Its basic science.

I will be eternally grateful for having been awakened and enlightened to truth.

It was not my fault I was not loved and appreciated when I was a child. But then again, nor was it my parent's, for they were victims too.

My parents are in their seventies. They are much more frail than in recent years, and in their eyes I see much that is missing. There is no joy--there is no wonder--there is no anticipation--there is no peace--and worst of all--I see no love--not authentic love anyway.

I bless my parents, and even my ex because the contrasting life experiences they brought into my life burned an immense fire under my ass--and created inexhaustible desire to love my children as a child should be loved, and to also--find a partner that I could love without hesitation, and who without holding back--loves me too.

This is the lifetime that I remembered--that I AM--that which is--therefore all that is--is that which I AM.

Namaste dear ones... you are loved...


A Happy New Mrs.

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