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My Life - Day to Day

This is  where I will post my  activities, what i am doing to lose weight and food avoidances's picture

I cant say this is my recovery date, as I have not recovered from Over eating. This is a starting point in my journey to recovery. There will be ups and downs. I am 50 years old, but I have 2 birthdays according to my doctor. My real birthday is in November and the other birthday is in December. Let me explain. In 2009 I was diagnosed with end stage congestive heart failure. My only hope was a heart transplant. From August 2009 till December 2009 I was in the hostpital. I lived there, never left. In December I received the Gift of Life, and that, according to my heart transplat drs and surgeons, December 14. 2009 is my heart birthday.


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Welcome to twelve step journaling,

Thanks for posting publicly.

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We hope you reach your goals. Everyone of us need a good food plan. 

I just saw a good movie on netflix that made me very motivated to stop dieting and start eating right. I believe the movie is called "food matters". 


I am the admin for Alcoholics Anonymous side of this site. Feel free to PM me for any questions.

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I am going to OA  right now I am having trouble comitting.  I'm telling myself that tomorrow I will get back on track --tomorrow is slow in coming.  Thanks fitness fairy for the motivation dust I need that

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This is a new beginning for me.  I am involved in AA so I will apply the same tools to this as I learn to accept myself and change my relationship with my phsyical self.  I have always struggled with weight my whole life and my goal is to be healthy.  I don't want to die of diabetes like my mother did nor do I want to sit on the sidelines of my life,especially since I have an active five year old.