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So glad I found this place. I am looking forward to gaining comradery with like minded folks who are actively working on the 12 steps in order to over come their addiction with food. I am a new member of Overeaters Anonymous. I am working on step one. I am hoping to find others that are doing the same.




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I'll be back later for this. I have an important appointment with the local mechanic. My bubble needs a tune up.


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Thanks for sharing. I am trying to start on OA meetings again but have not been successful. I am following the 301 plan though for a week. Glad the holidays time are over so I can get back on track. I hope you benefit from our site. Remember they say in OA meetings: "if you don't write it down, it didn't happen." Journaling is one of the OA tools. You can do so on our site either privately or publiclly.


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I'm just starting out in all of this. I've tried to log on to some online OA meetings, but so far no luck. I have a close friend in AA so I do have some support. I'm still a bit lost, but am trying one day at a time. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks