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Here are some ways that regularly writing in your Personal Diary Book helps you:

Journaling will expedite your recovery process. You can use our 12 step worksheets and answer step questions. You can do that in your Private Groups or in your Public Groups.

Journaling has been proved to be a major stress reduction tool.

Journaling enhances your understanding of yourself, your intentions and provides a safe place to explore.

Start your day with free writing. This could be a very important appointment with yourself. Be clear on your day, your thoughts, your relationships, your intentions and everything that is important to you.


We want to remind you that we recently made major improvements on in March. Click here to discover our new journaling tools.

Do not forget to email us and tell us what you think, or if you have any questions or suggestions. We read all your responses, and your questions may help your fellow users.

Happy journaling and keep the wonderful feedback coming!