The Revolution of Online Journaling

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At TSJ, online journaling includes not only helpful and convenient recovery tools that have been created by Twelve-Step members, but also the ability to add other members to a shared online Diary Book. Once a Diary Book member has added a new entry to the Diary Book, all of that Diary Book's members will receive an instant email notification. They will then be able to easily navigate through the secure private diary entries by Diary Book title, category, date, username, step number, and more. Although we do not advise replacing good-old face-to-face meetings with your sponsor, online journaling will create a convenient and secure new addition to your journaling, communications, and step-work experience. Working with others will help you to stay on track and continue journaling. It will also help you stay connected with your diary members at times you are not able to meet in person. You can also go back to older entries in any of your Diary Books to review, comment or expand on a subject you wrote about in the past. The online convenience can also help you stay on track: your recovery work is always there online, safe and secure, 24 hours a day.

Please invite your sponsor, your sponsees, your spouse/partner or your support group, and continue on your journey to improve yourself through online journaling.
Thank you, The TSJ Team