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Who is in the mirror?

I find myself looking inward over the past few days, and to be honest I have no idea who I am seeing in the mirror.  I see an adict, a lyer, thief, and many other horrible things.  Finally reaching the point of being sick and tired, and wanting to see my old self again I called my doctor today and for the first time, I admitted to having a problem and to see what options I have.  After a bit I found out they will send me to a outpatient clinic where I will be given medication to help with the problem, also I will attend meetings, drug test, and even a shrink to help with other issues which partially led to the addiction,  and of course my friend who has been clean for over 2 years is going to be there to support me through this.  I know some do not like the Medcine Assisted plan for recovery, but in my case its best, and would allow me to best chance for success.  So basically this is to let you know I will be joining you through my journey, and well buckel up cause its going to be a wild ride I do believe. 

Step 1: I know I have no control, and without help I will continue to suffer.  Time to take control and go at this with tools, and support system which gives me a fighting chance!

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I have taken the first step and called my doctor and explained the problem. They are now sending me a referral to get medical help as I start my steps.


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Just happened to get on here after about a year!  Saw your post and I think it's great that you have reached out for help with your addiction.  Also, if you feel the medical asst. route is best for you then who cares what others feel about it, this is YOUR recovery and your life, not their's.  Just remember as well though that if something isn't working than you know better than anybody how your body feels, just don't be afraid to move on to the next viable option if the first try doesn't work out.  I wish you a successful journey!