Would you want your higher power to answer a question?

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Would you want your higher power to answer a question?

Would you like your Higher Power to answer a question, give you an insight or a hint?

12 Steps programs are spiritual programs and not religious programs. We come to believe in a Higher Power that is greater than ourselves. Maintaining a strong relationship with our Higher Power, as we understand him/her, is at the core of our recovery and our spiritual progress. We do this by daily prayers, meditation and simply talking to our Higher Power. Here is a process that I have developed and it does work for me.

I will create a hypothetical example. Feel free to apply the same process to any other subject as you wish.

Let's say, in this example, you want to set your priorities. You have things that you want to do, hobbies you haven't fulfilled, relationships you want to improve along with other duties. You want to make a list of things to do that you can trust and follow. You finally decided to let your Higher Power help you choose what is best for you and which part of your list is more important. In this case, do the following:

  • Create an entry in your Personal Diary Book with the title: Priorities or Higher Power's priorities for me. You can be as creative as you wish. Choose a title that will remind you of the subject you are working on.

For more information on Personal Diary Books, click here

  • In the body of the Personal Diary Entry, type the things that you are considering as your priority list. After you do so, ask your Higher Power genuinely to give you insights on this subject, then affirm to yourself and to your Higher Power that you are listening and that you are open to receive. Affirm that you are entirely ready to let go of your ego choices and that you are willingly accepting your Higher Power’s choices. Affirm that you know that your Higher Power's choices are in fact the choices that will bring you happiness, fulfillment and spiritual growth. Your Higher Power's will is the best for you. It will remove a lot of your ego struggles, pushing and pulling, and control.
  • After you finish, make sure to choose the "Serenity Worksheet", and then choose "Higher Power's side". Click “Save”. You are done for now.

For more information about the Serenity Worksheet, click here

  • Come back the next day or as frequently as you can (preferably daily for at least 30 days in a row) and reaffirm all the points you've entered before. The most important thing is that you are actively looking for your Higher Power’s will in your daily life. Your Higher Power does speak to you in moments of quietness such as in meetings, through other people, while reading a calming book or listening to music, hiking, etc.

TSJ Hint: Do this in the same Entry in the Comment section. This will help organize all related work together.

  • Another option is to create a new Personal Diary Entry, adding it to your Gratitude List, and state all aspects you like about your life, your hobbies, your relationships, etc. This is important. I find that receiving insights happens more powerfully when I am in harmony with the subject matter, not when I am in rejection or in a struggle about this subject. Practicing gratitude can start shifting the way you feel about this issue, helping you to open up to change.

For more information about the Gratitude List, click here

  • Know that your Higher Power is talking to you. Accept the suggestions and start mirroring them in your life.

Happy Journaling!

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