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Here at we believe that everyone is entitled to have a safe place to express and learn about themselves. Our mission is to provide our members with that safe place. We know that journaling is a great tool of recovery to help you understand yourself, your goals in life, what you can and can’t do. We are dedicated to assisting you in your journey of recovery through journaling. In order to fulfill this mission, we have created an online free service that utilizes the most advanced technologies on the internet. If you like what we offer and want to help us in our mission, you may choose to make a donation. 

By kindly making a financial donation, you are helping us with the following: 

  • Operation Costs: Programmers, graphic designers, domain registration, server fees and encryption are some of the many costs associated with bringing to your fingertips. 
  • Site Maintenance: We must regularly maintain our site: adding new features, improving current features and updating the database and modules are all a part of our regular maintenance needs.
  • Marketing: Having a rich and diverse online recovery community is important in our “we” program: none of us can do it alone. Because many of our members use our site with the intent to journal privately, most of our site content is invisible to the search engines such as "Google" and "Bing", which are some of the main places future members can find us. So that more people may know that we are all here in order to enrich each other’s recoveries, we must pay for better exposure on these and other search engines.
  • Improvement and Growth: We are thankful to be constantly receiving new requests and suggestions from many of our creative and helpful members. We would love to implement all these ideas, but time and funds are the main barriers to fulfilling them.