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For limited time only you can purchase one Private Group.

If you do not want to become a TSJ ProUser at this time, and have an annual bill, you can now purchase one Private Group for only $9.95. Private Groups are only visible to the members of the Private Group. Once you’ve purchased a Private Group, you become the Private Group’s administrator, which means you will have the ability to subscribe other members to your Private Group. There is no limit to the number of people that you can add to a single group. Here are some ideas of what you can do with a Private Group:

  • Add your sponsor or your sponsee - You can work the steps in your Private Groups using the implemented questions from the book Narcotics Anonymous Step Working Guide.
  • Add a your spouse - Keep a journal of issues and how you resolve issues with your spouse.
  • Advise Yourself – Sometimes users create two different free accounts. You can use one account for your personal journaling and 12 Step Worksheets. And you can use the other account to advise yourself and comment on your writings. It can be a helpful and reflective process to return and contemplate your journaling and 12 Step Worksheets. One thing you may need to consider is to not play both roles at the same time. Use the advisor role at a different time, preferably when you’re calm like after a meeting, a meditation, a yoga session or after you prayed for insights on a certain subject. Read this article: Would you want your higher power to answer a question?
  • Add other fellow members of your local group - Gather people from your local home group or even other fellow members that you met online, in a convention, etc. Ask them first to create a free account. Once they do so, get their usernames then start adding them to the Private Group. Working the steps in a group is an excellent way to get more than one perspective on how others work them that we would love to recommend to all of our members.

We love the idea of having a safe place to be with someone. We do that in all twelve-step programs. There are times when we share at meetings but we always need to schedule a private meeting with our sponsors and sponsees. Remember that once you purchase a Private Group, it is yours for good. We intend to be here in service for as long as possible. We believe that we will receive all the help and support in order to keep our mission alive indefinitely.

Please invite people from your local home group or people that you know, no matter where they live, you can all meeting privately on Twelvestepjournaling.com and share your experience, strength and hope with each other.