My powerlessness

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Over what, exactly, am I powerless?

Powerless from getting myself out of this deep black hole.

No control over thinking I need a substance to make me feel better

loss of control from doing what I say and doing what I say

To be continued....

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Welcome Kat2488,

thank you for sharing. I have felt that same black hole many times in the past. Thank you for reminding me where I came from. You are helping me appreciate where I am today and the freedom I have. 

Kat2488, the only thing worked for me is to follow the suggestions I heard in the rooms. Thinking does not work much at this point. Thinking is a trap that takes me back to the same black hole over and over again. The suggestions of NA are simple : Make 90 meetings in 90 days, get a sponsor and work the steps. Gradually you may let go of your addictions and start building new habits that support you. Please do not be shy to ask for help from other members in the rooms or here on this site. 

I am praying for you