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I'm a 46 year-old addict. My addiction lead me to jail and a 6 week recovery program. These 6 weeks showed me I have been wrong for many years. Narcotics Anonymous does work, but you have to work it. I had begged my higher power for help more than once and to save me from myself. What I've learned is even though I have surrendered my will this doesn't mean my higher power is just going to make my life easier. Recovery is something I have to want and be willing to do anything to achieve. I relapsed the night I left jail. I made one meeting and relapsed again with only 48 Hours clean. Today makes six days I have stayed clean thanks to God's will and my personal choice. I have used tools online, the bible, tools I learned in jail and my support system to accomplish this. So I've learned its hard work, that I cannot neglect even for one day. I'm here to find my road to Recovery and a new way of life.

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