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Personal Diary Book - also called "Online Personal Journal"

What is a Personal Diary Book?

The Personal Diary Book, also known as "Online Personal Journal", contains all your Personal Diary Entries. There is no limit to the number of Entries that you can create. Each site member has one Personal Diary Book. It is a private place for journaling that contains other recovery and journaling tools. The only person that is able to view, create or edit your Personal Diary Entries is you.

How do I create a Personal Diary Book (Online Personal Journal)?

Once you have become a registered member you'll automatically have your own Personal Diary Book . You can access and create new Personal Diary Entries by clicking on the menu button on the top of each page called "My Personal Diary Book".

How to view my Personal Diary Entries?

Click on the main menu button "My Personal Diary Book" under "My Private Wall" button. You'll be directed to your Personal Diary Book page that contains a summary of your recent Personal Diary Book Entries. You can access each entry by clicking on it.

How do I create new Personal Diary Entries?

While you are in your Personal Diary Book page, click on the button "Create New", a dropdown area will expand. Click on "Personal Diary Entry".

You can also click here to create a new Personal Diary Entry

How many entries can I add to my Personal Diary Book?


Who can access and view my Personal Diary Entries? Can I share them with others?

No one can access, view, edit or create in your Personal Diary Book. It is designed exclusively for you only. If you want to share your work with others, publicly or privately, you need to create entries into Public Groups or Private Groups. Check out the frequently asked questions below about Private and Public groups.

What are the Twelve Step Journaling recovery tools?
Personal Diary, twelvestepjournaling

Twelve Step Journaling recovery tools are tools created by members of twelve-step programs for members of twelve-step programs. They are designed so you can categorize your private and public entries in many different ways so they can be easily accessed and followed upon. When you create a new Personal Diary Entry you'll see this image on the left side.

Here are some of the choices you can make when creating a new Personal Diary Entry:

  • General Journal. Choose this option if your entry is of a general nature
  • Gratitude List. Choose this option to categorize the entry under Gratitude list. You can access your gratitude list from your Personal Diary Book page by clicking the button "Other Tools" in the Personal Diary Book page. You also can create albums in the album field to group your gratitude lists into several albums. Click here to read the article: The Gratitude List as an Important Part of Recovery.
  • Serenity Worksheet. Choose this option to separate your topics into higher Power's side and My side. Click here to read an article about the Serenity Worksheet.
  • Step Work. Choose this option if your Personal Diary Entry is a step work. Select the option "Step Work", another field will appear called "Step Number". Click on the Step Number you are working on. You can view a particular step by going to the Personal Diary Book page, click on "View: Step Work" button, then the step number you want to view.
  • Keywords.Type a keyword if you wish. Keywords are helpful when organizing your Personal Diary Entries. Just as a good filing cabinet has folders each keyword is a title and contains many files in your Personal Diary Book. It is up to you what keywords you choose however here are some examples: relationships, fatherhood, motherhood, inner child, work, recovery, free writing or random, health, disciplinary diet, intentions, etc.
Who can access and view my Personal Diary Entries? Can I share them with others?

No one can access, view or create in your Personal Diary Book. It is designed for you only. If you want to share your work with others, you need to create either Private Group or Public Groups

Is it free?

Yes. provides each member with an absolutely free Personal Diary Book! All you need to do is create a new account. To create an account all you need is a valid email address. We want to provide a place for you to keep your work for many years to come.

Private and Public Groups

Public Groups - How do I work with others publicly?

You can create your own Public Groups. When you create a Public Group, you can add whichever members you wish to have in the group. You can also request to be a member of existing Public Groups. You and other members of any Public Group can create new entries by clicking on "Post to Public Group". All entries of Public Groups are visible to all users of the site and all site visitors. Other site members can also comment to existing entries but they can not create new entries unless they become members of the group. You can also create entries in the group by clicking on any step under "NA Step Working guide. Working in publicly is a very good way to carry the message and show others how you work the steps and what you think about certain topics.

Private Groups - How do I work with others privately?

You can create your own Private Groups and work either alone or with whomever you choose to add to the group. Private Groups are different from Public Groups.Unlike Public Groups where you can request a subscription to access and share in the group, with private groups you must be invited. Also in all Private Groups posts are invisible to everyone but their members. If you know a person who owns a Private Group you can ask him/her to subscribe you to the group.To create a new Private Group you must become a TSJ Pro-User.

Good examples of Private Groups are sponsor and sponsee, home group or support group.

You can click here to see the benefits of becoming a TSJ Pro-User.

How many entries can I add to each Private and Public Groups?



How do you secure the privacy of my Personal Diary Book?

At (TSJ) we want to ensure a safe and private space for you to feel relaxed and free as you do your most important and private journaling. On TSJ your work and communications are secured using Positive SSL Website Encryption Certificate (secured by Comodo), which means anything that transfers between the user (you) and our server is encrypted (using both server and client authentication), it will appear as nonsense symbols to any unauthorized third party, and will remain private to you. You will see a padlock in the URL address bar of your browser when you are on a private page; this is commonly used with other sites such as banks, secure online vendors, etc.

We are also using Drupal Platform. The increased security of using drupal open source was cited as one reason the Whitehouse chooses Drupal

Is my profile information public or private?

All information you enter in your profile page is public and viewable by all site members and all site visitors as well. What you write on your profile is up to you, for example: you do not have to type your location if you do not want to share your location with others. We do not collect information about your street address, only your city, state, country.

Remember that all your Personal Diary Book is not viewable by anybody but you and your Private Groups' Entries are not viewable by anybody but group members. So we do not see harm in using your real name as your username but you do not have to use your real name. We also do not see harm if you choose to upload your real picture as your profile picture.

Payments and Subscriptions

What is TSJ Pro-User Account?

TSJ Pro-Users are able to utilize more benefits of Please visit this page for more information.

What payment methods do you support?

At this time we only support payments through paypal. Paypal is a simpler way to pay by credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts plus it is secure.

What happens after my one year subscription ends?

You will be reminded by an email that will be sent 30 days prior to the expiration's date. On the expiration's date, another payment of $19.95 will be automatically issued. If the payment did not go through or you choose not to renew, you will not be able to utilize the benefits of being a TSJ Pro-User. Your existing Private Groups will stay the same but you will not be able to do administrative functions to those Private Groups such as remove a use or add a new user.