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Over what, exactly, am I powerless?

I am powerless over my addiction.  I let my head do all the thinking and not the lords (HP for me).  I am powerless over family that do not think I need meetings.  I am powerless over my children, I have let them do whatever so long, that now I can't do anything with them.  I can not nontrol what other people do and it absolutely kills me!!!!

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First, sorry for the duplicate entries. We are working on this now.

Being powerless can hurt and drives us nuts but it is only the beginning. This only happens in the first step. There is also freedom in admiting that we are powerless. Knowing that we can't do anything but working on ourselves is the freedom. In the next eleven steps we stop thinking about the problem and start focusing on the solution which hopefully will bring peace.

Years ago when I started going to NA, my parents didn't know what I was doing. I remember being angry many times trying to convince them that it is important for me to go to meetings. I almost forgot this. It was a long time ago. Only a couple years ago I was able to tell my dad what NA was and that I was addicted to drugs and alcohol. He passed away a couple months later. It was relieving to me even though I didn't have to tell him about every detail of my active addictions. thank you for sharing.'s picture

Over the course of the last 4 years I have remained clean wih abinge  d rinkig eisode twice. As I face many new" challenges with healh issues daily...... I KNOW WITHOUT ANY DOUDT I AM POWERLESS I look back and see how I lose everythng and everyone when I  try to take reins so to speak, I now just do my best with GOD'S guidance. Some days are rough but I pull through, Some days - I say Serenity prayer over and over. With all My medical problems, I have some pretty painful days. Of course - I get upset because the Lord won't just magically take it away. That is when I am reminding of the serenity prayer. When I look in the mirror, I see the past- then I see me today. I know I am powerless in many aspects of  my life. On days like today ( alot of physical pain) I must stay focused . There is a reason for all of it. Some days I hurt so much... I wish God would just bring me to a resting place. I Know I am not in control of my life. I take pain medication when needed .. but it is not very often .  I have never been one for the down like high from pain pills or pot. It has always been the drugs that so callled brought me into a hyper state..Pain pills put me to sleep and stop physical pain. Wthout God, I am powerless.


April D , Smith