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National football league will be competed on Tottenham new arena

The EPL is on its final phases and it looks like the championship will be dependant by only one or two points.

The modern ground will likely have National football league match ups, as the enterprise was designed to become multi-use - in an effort to hold as much professional sports as it possibly can.

Another significant happening that will happen soon is the official opening of the new Spurs stadium, called Tottenham Hotspur Stadium - .

Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy explained: To attract one of world rugby's largest club sides will bring a new audience to the area, as well as help drive major socio-economic advantages for businesses and local people, as we continue to underline our commitment to the regeneration - of north Tottenham - .

The look off the old stadium, White Hart Lane, will undoubtedly be preserved within the new arena, that's developed on the site of the old stadium.

The team may benefit from the new stadium, which has been developed with a enormous price tag (believed 1 billion), even so the investment will pay back eventually. In addition, every business all around the area will get a rise in profits.

Spurs aren't specifically in the best shape inside the English EPL, losing numerous match ups and performing quite lousy. They may also lose the Champions League spot as long as they do not triumph alongside Crystal Palace the next day.

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